Local Superintendent Says State School Leader is Ignoring Questions

Superintendent Speaks Out

Frustration is mounting with the State Department of Education, surrounding this year's testing debacle. Many students had to retake tests and others experienced a system crash. Now school leaders and parents are speaking out.

In Broken Arrow. the superintendent says he's written a letter to the state superintendent that has gone unanswered. Dr. Jarod Mendenhall has written a second letter tp state school board members.

Mendenhall says he is upset that Oklahoma is planning to use the same testing company once again after so many issues. The testing system was down for two days. Now some school leaders want to know what's being done about it.

Indiana is suing CTB McGraw-Hill for damages. Broken Arrow superintendent Jarod Mendenhall who says Oklahoma needs to also hold this company accountable.

The state board of education says most Oklahoma schools did not have the bbandwidthto handle online testing, according to a survey they conducted.

But now the question is how reliable are state testing results, and why are we using the same company again?

"I think there has to be validity, reliability, it is very difficult for all of us to trust what they measured this year," said Dr. Mendenhall.

Oklahoma may not be suing just yet. but according to the state superintendents office. The state is seeking and negotiating damages for testing issues.

A spokesperson for Janet Barresi says all testing companies have issues and others had issues this year as well.

The state department of purchasing made the decision to renew the contract with CTB McGraw-Hill, despite this year's testing scandal.