Local Veterans Get Repairs Done to Their Home

Two local organizations are making sure an Owasso couple gets the repairs they need to their home. The home owners are both Navy veterans with disabilities.

The repairs were headed up by Volunteers of America Oklahoma and the Home Depot Foundation. Employees and volunteers from the Home Depot store at 41st and Sheridan came to Owasso to fix several things for Betty Nichols and Jack Frost.

They cleaned out the flower beds, fixed the fences, put up a new storm door, power washed the house and, most importantly, built doors to enclose the hot water tank and get it up to code.

"Both of the individuals that live here have had some sort of injury, and it's not something that they can do. Getting down on their knees and pulling out weeds is just simply not something that they can actually make happen," Volunteers of America Oklahoma President and CEO, Pam Richardson said, "They are on a limited income, and it's important for us to step in and help them do some things that they would not otherwise be able to afford to do."

Some of the volunteers are veterans themselves, and that's why they wanted to step up and help. Not to mention, they have to skills to get these projects done in just an afternoon.

"I have done this for years, and a lot of these other guys that work for Home Depot come from an experience background, so it's nothing," Home Depot Department Supervisor of Plumbing, Keith Sinclair, said.

Nichols has lived in the home since 2003 and is overwhelmed with all the help and support from the two organization.

"Wow, so many people came out and such amount of work was done in such a short time," Betty Nichols said.

Nichols and Frost were picked for this project because they are veterans and they knew they could benefit.

"A sense of relief for them that this will be done as we head into the winter months. I know that this has been a real concern for Betty and Jack that this work had been left undone by the former contractor," Director of Development and External Affairs, Monica Champ said.

Volunteers of America Oklahoma help more than 2,000 people each year. This is the first project these two organization has done and plan to do more.