Low Water Pressure in Parts of Rogers County

Some residents in Rogers County are experiencing low water pressure. It's because an electrical panel got hit by lightening on Sunday and they're just now able to fix it. The panel needed special parts so the water pressure has been down for the last couple of days, causing a few problems for Limestone Fire Department.

"Monday morning there was a lightening strike on a residence, a large home, it had wood shingles roof, course the burn very quickly. When we hooked on this hydrant it had very little water pressure in," Limestone Fire Department Chief Carl Smith said.

Since then, Smith said they have lined up seven mutual aid departments to bring their tanker trucks if needed. Limestone has two tanker trucks and the ability to use compressed air foam that allows one gallon of water to become nine gallons with the foam.

Since one of the electrical panels was hit by lightening for Rural Water District #3 in Rogers County they had to switch to manual use and to find the problems aren't easy.

"It's all electronic now, so if you have one little thing it can be several times that you have to climb different towers to figure things out," said Director of Rogers County Rural Water District #3 Rick Stull.

In manual mode they are pumping two thousand gallons of water a minute, but with the heat it's not keeping up with the demand. This water district also has three projects going on right now so these types of problems won't happen again. Each one should be finished by the middle of July.

The electrical panel should be fixed by Wednesday, at 6 p.m. and the water levels in the towers are expected to be filled by Thursday early morning hours.