Luchadores Prepare For Saturday's Run

Elote's Luchador Run Is March 30th at 5:45PM.

Tulsa is a runners city - during the Spring and Summer months there are races nearly every weekend. But rarely do those runners wear masks. They will be on March 30th during Elote's Luchador Run.

"It was three years ago that we started, and it was a good way to introduce our Luchadores, " Elote Café & Catering's owner Libby Auld says. "It's been something fun. You see runs all the time that are just down and back - this one has obstacles, chase a luchador... it's just really fun."

The YMCA made a promise to kids that they could attend their West-Side YMCA camp, even if they couldn't afford the cost. That's where this run comes in - the fee you pay ensures those kids can get to camp.

"To keep that promise, we have to raise money," says YMCA's Vice President of Mission Advancement Laura Hailey-Butler. "This is one of the mechanisms in which we're able to keep that promise."

If you plan on running, don't think you can skimp on dressing up, either.

"You get a $5 discount for dressing like a Luchador," Auld says. "The runners take it seriously - some of the runners look like our real luchadores that have professional costumes. That, I think, is one of the most fun things about it - that the runners get to be creative with their outfits."

The "Fun Run" gets going Saturday night, March 30th, at 5pm with the "5K" beginning at 5:45pm. The race goes through downtown and ends in front of Elote, where there will be plenty of food and drinks.