Old West Shoot-Outs Draw Crowds at Made in Oklahoma Arts and Crafts Show

Thousands attended the Made in Oklahoma Arts and Crafts Show at Persimmon Hollow Village for a taste of the old west this weekend. However, western shoot-out reenactments seemed to nab the most attention and raise interesting questions about current gun debates.

"Some don't like guns. Some do," said Green Country Gun Slinger Marshal Neighbors. He was one of several reenactors at the event. He said that while he feels most people in the old west supported gun rights, he understands that it is a contentious issue these days.

The performers shot blanks and then shot wax bullets at targets, demonstrating fast draw.

They were one part of the arts and crafts show in Broken Arrow.

"The types of items are everything from apples to zebras," said Persimmon Hollow Village owner, Bill Darnell, of the array of items for sale.

Darnell said thousands of people came to the two-day event to shop from about 60 vendors. However, Darnell said the shoot-outs were likely the most interesting sight to see.

The event ended Sunday at 5 p.m.

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