Made In Oklahoma: Drug To Fight Sickle Cell Disease

A new cutting edge treatment for Sickle Cell Disease could help tens of thousands of patients.

It's a new drug developed right here in Oklahoma.

Selexys Pharmaceuticals in Oklahoma City has developed a drug called SEL-G1.

It basically, helps keep red blood cells moving, preventing strokes and other complications of Sickle Cell Disease.

It's now moving into stage two of testing with Oklahoma patients taking part in those clinical trials along with others nationwide.

Sheri Stickley is the President of Oklahoma's Bioscience Corp.

She says, "It's good for Oklahoma. This is something that attracts attention to our state to all the great science going on here to all of the great companies that we have."

Testing of the drug SEL-G1 will take about two years.

Courtesy: KFOR