Made in Oklahoma: Film Shot in Green Country Premieres in Tulsa

Movie stars, like Vivica Fox, and local extras attended a red carpet and private viewing of "Home Run" in Tulsa Thursday.

The red carpet event was held at AMC Southroads. Filmmakers shot the movie in Okmulgee and the Tulsa area in October of 2011. The film's stars, Vivica Fox and Scott Elrod of Argo, said they enjoyed their time in Green Country and visiting local venues.

The film is about a baseball player struggling with alcohol addiction. He is sent home to Okmulgee after a team suspension to coach a youth baseball team and undergo a faith-based recovery program. The program is called "Celebrate Recovery," and has been in Oklahoma for eleven years, according to a representative for the organization.

"We talk about our hurts, habits, and hang ups. So, Celebrate Recovery is for everybody," said Norma Murphy, a producer and state representative for Celebrate Recovery. She said about 75 extras in the film are people who took part in the program.

Some filmmakers took part in the program to help them develop the film's story.

The film premieres nationally April 19th.