Maduka Hasn't Lost Heart For Basketball

University of Tulsa senior Kodi Maduka had a promising college basketball career, but on the day Danny Manning was introduced as the new head coach at Tulsa Kodi collapsed in a pick up game.

It was later discovered that he had a heart ailment and was forced to quit basketball.

"Knowing you can't play is hard mentally." Maduka said, "I took a couple of weeks to grow from that over the summer and then I finally transitioned. I was able to help everyone out and I just kind of played my role throughout the remainder of the season.

His role has gone from player to coach. His love for the game hasn't gone away and he knows his knowledge of basketball is an asset to the team. Coach Manning agrees.

"He is always a voice for our guys." Manning said, "Hey this is what I see from over here. This is how they're guarding you. This is what their doing. Maybe you can counter with this. Maybe you can do this. His voice has been great for us this year."

Kodi is a petroleum engineering major. But he's so good at teaching the game, could coaching be in his future?

With a smile he says "Ahhhh possibly, but I'm more so academics with my engineering degree so I'll probably go that way instead of coaching."

Kodi is serving as a student assistant with the team his senior year. He and the rest of the Golden Hurricane basketball team have a big game Thursday night in the Conference USA Basketball Championships at the BOK Center in downtown Tulsa. TU will face East Carolina at 8:30pm.