Mail Thief Caught on Camera

You are looking at surveillance footage from a camera mounted near the front door of the Kleven residence. But the person you are seeing now is not a Kleven.

"Apparently its an epidemic going on around Tulsa," said Robert Kleven, trying to raise awareness about mail theft after his wife's package was pilfered from the front porch.

"It happens often," said TPD officer Leland Ashley, breaking down the brazenness of mail thieves.

"Individuals will follow delivery trucks around, or they'll just drive through a neighborhood and see packages on the porch," he said.

And when it comes to the Kleven porch? Well, let's just say that camera up in the corner isn't there for looks.

"I bought it in response to this happening to us before," he said.

But this time they were ready, catching the culprit on camera in all his casualness.

"Walk up non-chalantly, like they belong there, not drawing attention to themselves," said Ashley.

In fact he's so non-chalant, it's down right spooky.

"It really creeps Kim out, like she's upset about it, you know, she's like what if I'd have opened the door just then or something, what would have happened?" said Robert.

Thankfully that didn't happen. And hopefully, someone will recognize the thief.

"I bet somebody would know who he is," said Robert.

"And maybe if more of these individuals realize that they could be on camera, they will maybe find another occupation," said Ashley.