Make a Holiday Card Gift Box

Holiday Card Gift Box

Supplies Needed:
A fold-over style holiday card

1. Cut your card in half at the fold.
2. Using one half of the card, use your pencil and ruler to make marks on each
side of the card, 1" from the corner. These will be the guides of where to fold,
which will create the sidewalls of your card. Make sure to put these marks on
the inside of the card.
3. At each 1" mark, fold the card. You should make four folds.
4. At the top and bot tom of the card, make a 1" cut where your folds are. You
should make four 1" cuts.
5. Fold the sides in together (to form half of a box shape) and use tape to secure
the flaps so the box will stay together.
6. Complete steps one through five for the other half of your holiday card.
7. Add your gift or candy treats and put the two box pieces together, making
sure the patterned part of the card is on top. Embellish with ribbon or give
as is!