Man Accused of Duct Taping Child to Chair

A man was arrested Friday morning for duct taping a 5-year-old to a kitchen chair.

According to the affidavit, the man's name is Brandon Crisel. While the child was in his care and custody, as part of a DHS "safety plan placement guardianship," Crisel reportedly abused the 5-year-old when he confined him with duct tape to a kitchen chair, April 28.

The child then went to school the next day and told the teacher and counselor what had happened, according to the affidavit. Crisel reportedly told the child he would "make a mummy out of him with the tape" for getting in trouble at school.The school called the Department of Human Services and a worker came to the school and took him into custody.

Crisel reportedly duct taped the child to a chair and told him that "he couldn't move a muscle." The child said Crisel put duct tape over his mouth and it was punishment for "getting a red face at school."

Officials interviewed Brandon Crisel and he admitted to duct taping the child to a kitchen chair, initially as a game they were playing. Then, Crisel admitted the child was in trouble and it was punishment for the 5-year-old which lasted over 2 hours.

31-year-old, Brandon Crisel, has been charged with child abuse by injury, according to court documents.