A Man Escapes Correctional Facility, Shows Up At City Jail

A man was arrested after raising a commotion outside of the Tulsa City Jail and escaping a local correctional facility, Sunday, Oct. 7.

Michael Stuart Adams, 38, escaped Avalon Correctional Services where he was being detained for a five-year sentence for felony possession of a controlled, dangerous substance.

Officers were alerted after Adams was seen yelling and talking to himself outside of the jail. According to the police report, Adams claimed multiple times that there was an emergency at the correctional facility and people were running across the top of the building.

Officers asked how he had escaped and Adams simply stated that he "ran right out the front door."

The report states that officers contacted the facility and they told him Adams escaped by running past security and jumping over the front gate.

Avalon is an alternative correctional facility in Tulsa that provides programs for substance abuse treatment as well as employment to help pay for the time being served.