Man Arrested in Connection with Riverside Police Chase

Tulsa authorities have arrested Andrew Crowels after he allegedly sped down Riverside with an infant in the vehicle.

Tulsa Police located Crowels's vehicle outside the China King restaurant on 71st and Riverside. This was after he escaped the scene of a hit and run and eluded officers.

"An officer saw a vehicle that was speeding roughly twice the speed limit down Elwood," said TPD Sgt. Lance Eberle.

The driver, he says, got out and started acting fidgety, and when cops questioned him he tried to throw them off by saying someone else was the driver.

"He told them that there was another driver of the car, a light skinned black man, which was untrue. He was the driver. The arrested him immediately," he said.

What happened next was a heartbreaking discovery. An unsecured infant in the back seat.

"There was a baby on the floorboard, of the, behind the driver's seat," he said.

A baby that was struggling. Police called EMSA, but decided the infant needed immediate attention.

"They couldn't wait so they loaded the child up, the infant into a car and zoomed out of here to the hospital with it," said Robinson.

He was arrested on six complaints, including abuse of child, eluding, and hit and run.

His bond totals $75,750.