Man Arrested In Glenpool For Kidnapping

A man was arrested in Glenpool after holding a woman against her will and threatening to kill her, Friday, April 26.

23-year-old Cody Mathews was taken into custody after holding a woman against her will and pulling a knife on a woman.

According to the booking report, police received a call from the victim's sister, stating she was being held at her home against her will. When dispatchers called the victim, she told them "everything was fine."

The dispatcher stated that "by the sound of [her] voice, he was concerned for her safety and that that [she] was not being truthful."

Police officers had previously been to the residence for a similar call, however the victim had told officers that she did not want to file charges on Mathews.

When police arrived, no one answered the door, but that someone was visible inside. After deciding the victim was in immediate danger, officers on the scene breached the door.

Police secured Mathews and located the victim and her daughter. The victim's lip was swollen and had red areas on her face.

The victim told police that Mathews pulled a knife on her and "told her that he was going to kill her and then himself."

Officers placed the victim in handcuffs after she told them she feared Mathews would know she had called. Once at the station, Mathews told officers that he did not hold anyone against there will, but would accept the domestic assault and battery. Mathews began beating the cell door and screaming. He continued to do so until he was transferred to Tulsa County.

Mathews has three previous felony convictions, including eluding a police officer, possession of contraband, and possession of a controlled, dangerous substance.

In the booking report, one of the officers requested a higher bond, fearing that if Mathews is released soon he could follow through with his threats of violence.

Mathews' bond is set at $100,500. He is due in court April 28.