Man Arrested in Miami After Discovering 'Molotov Cocktails'

Miami Police arrested a man yesterday afternoon for conspiring to fire bomb over 40 churches.

23-year-old Gregory Arthur Weiler, II, was arrested at Legacy Inn and Suites in Miami after police responded to a report of suspicious items at the inn, Oct. 4.

Officers found a receipt for the purchases of items consistent with the creation of gas bottle grenades, commonly known as 'Molotov cocktails.' Officers also located a list of 48 churches, a map of the churches and detailed plans of his intent to fire bomb the locations.

Investigators discovered 52 'Molotov cocktails' in the room.

The FBI has taken over the case, however an affidavit of anticipated charges has been released.

Weiler is charged with the threat to use explosive, incendiary device, simulated bomb to damage or injure persons or property and in violation of the Oklahoma Antiterrorism Act.

The Oklahoma Antiterrorism Act that Weiler is charged with reads that, "Biochemical assault means the intentional delivery of any substance or material to another person without lawful cause, whether or not such substance or material is toxic, noxious or lethal to humans," which causes intimidation or reasonable belief of death.

Authorities stress that there is no further threat to Miami area churches.