Man Attacked at Car Wash Prompts Police Warning

Police are looking for two men who attacked and robbed a man at a car wash this morning.

It happened near 21st and Garnett at the Clear Water Car Wash. Car washes are busy places, after snow and ice.

Around 7:30 this morning police say a man was washing his Taqueria food truck. Workers and police say two men surprised the victim and hit him in the face with a gun.

The robbers took off with his wallet, cash and cell phone. Police say this could happen to anyone. Be aware of your surroundings, whether you are inside, vacuuming your car, or in a wash bay, all alone.

"When you walk to the bill changer, you know most car washes have the bill changers, maybe already have the change that you are going to use in your hand. Maybe don't pull out your wallet out, if you have numerous bills, just things to think about," advised Leland Ashley of the Tulsa Police Department.

Police say staffed car washes may also be safer choices.

If you can help police solve this crime, call CRIMESTOPPERS at 918-596-COPS.