Man Busted For Allegedly Stealing $10,000 Violin

William Joseph Kent (jail mug shot)

Police find a old violin and other loot on a robbery suspect in south Tulsa.

The man was found behind Saied Music on 71st Street near Mingo Thursday evening.

A victim at the store called police and told them a man - later identified as William Joseph Kent - walked off with his personal violin. The victim told police the Klauz violin was 150 years old and valued at $10,000 dollars.

While police where there, store managers reported Kent had also walked out with a penny whistle.

Police wrapped up their investigation at Saied and got another theft call just a couple doors down at Mattress King. They say a man there stole someone's iPhone.

The two witness descriptions matched and police found Kent behind the music store with all the stolen property. Everything was returned to the owners.

Kent was taken to the Tulsa county jail. He's being held there on larceny complaints and more that $3,000 bond.