Man Conducts His Own Sting To Catch Craigslist Scammer

Repp met the man at this Tulsa Taco Bueno to buy a computer and was robbed at gunpoint.

Travis Repp pulled into the parking lot of Taco Bueno last week to get a good deal on a computer he found through Craigslist. Instead the seller pulled out a gun and took Repp's $350 in cash.

Determined to get justice, Repp devises a plan for his own sting to catch the man.

He pretended to be someone else responding to the same ad for the computer

"I created an Internet based number and texted the guy," said Repp. "And we kind of had a dialogue going back and forth," he said.

The seller even responded that he was worried about scammers.

"He was like well, I'm real paranoid, there's a lot of crooked people on Craigslist," Repp said.

Repp responded that "he understood" and then called to the police to explain the seller wanted to meet again.

So Repp set up another meet, and when the seller said his schedule was looking busy, he even offered to sweeten the deal.

"I was like well if you can do it later in the day, I'll throw in an extra $50 bucks for your time since it's a big inconvenience to you," he said.

When the seller showed up again with an empty box he was greeted by police officers.

"I pointed him out and they just swooped in and grabbed him. No incident, no anything," Repp said. "Good feeling of redemption, no telling how many guys this guy has robbed, so it's nice having somebody like that off the street."

Police identified the man as Jonathan Love, 28. He was arrested on a complaint of robbery with a dangerous weapon and admitted to taking Repp's money during a police interview, according


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