Man Accused of Hit-And-Run Crash Appears In Court

Jordan Hunter

A Broken Arrow man facing felony hit and run charges appeared in court Wednesday afternoon.

Jordan Hunter faces hit and run charges for an incident that left Broken Arrow cross-country runner, Logan Henry, in critical condition.

On Wednesday Hunter was scheduled to be arraigned for leaving the scene of an accident involving injuries.But instead his attorney Mark Collier asked the judge for more time. Collier wants to review Hunter's recent problems with law.

Recent reports from KTUL state that Hunter has been arrested a total three times for incidents that took place in Broken Arrow, including the hit and run. On Tuesday, officers placed him under arrest after he was seen driving without an interlock device, which requires the driver of a vehicle to breathe into an apparatus before the engine will start.

Officers located Hunter in the parking lot of the Broken Arrow municipal court and began questioning him. He reportedly told them that the truck belonged to a friend.

Previous reports state that Hunter was arrested last week for reported public intoxication. Records indicate that he also was arrested and charged as a minor in 2013 for driving under the influence.

He has previously pleaded not guilty. KTUL will continue to follow this case.