Tulsa Police: Man Jumped From Car On The B.A., Hit By Two Vehicles & Killed

Man jumps out of car on B.A.

A man either jumped or was shoved out of a fast-moving car on the Broken Arrow Expressway Wednesday night and was killed.

Now, Tulsa police are working to put pieces of the puzzle together.

It happened around 10:00 p.m. when a car exited southbound Hwy. 169 onto the westbound lanes of the B.A.

Cpl. Brian Collum said there were four people inside the car -- and everyone besides the driver was intoxicated.

Collum said it appeared that a married couple in the backseat were having a fight.

"Once they exited and started going westbound on the B.A., the domestic got escalated, it got heated," said Collum. "The male then jumped out of the vehicle going 40 mph on the Broken Arrow Expressway.

Collum said after leaving the car, the man, identified as 33-year-old Keith Israel, decided to run across the expressway -- and was hit by a motorcycle.

The motorcyclist stopped to help -- and that's when Israel was hit by another vehicle, a pickup truck.

Israel was taken to St. Francis hospital with extremely critical injuries and died just after midnight.

Wednesday was his 33rd birthday.

"We're still doing our investigation to see to what extent the domestic caused him to be shoved out of the vehicle or he purposely jumped out," Collum said.

The driver of the pickup truck and the motorcyclist were not injured and neither will face charges, according to police.

The victim's twin brother was handcuffed at the scene because police said when EMSA medics and fire crews arrived to help and administer aid, he was interfering.