Man Gunned Down on North Tulsa Street

The clothes were lying on the side of the road, marking the spot where violence rang through the air.

"Gunshots, 3 gunshots," said one man.

It was just before 6pm, when a white male, described as in his early fifties, was standing at the edge of the front lawn when a vehicle approached.

"There was a verbal altercation, and then shots were fired," said Captain Karen Tipler of the Tulsa police department.

"Just happened 50 yards from my window, you know, and it was really loud," said Jeff Dorney.

"Our victim was hit several times in the upper torso," said Tipler.

His clothes, removed by emergency personnel who worked frantically to save the man's life. he later died from his injuries. Witnesses had only a basic description of the suspect's vehicle.

"Somewhere between a red to maroon 4-door Chevy product," said Tipler.

While some residents spoke of leaving the area, others say what's the point?

"I don't know that there's really a place in this city that's you can get away from it completely, you know, anywhere you go you hear about it now," said Dorney.

A violent beginning to 2013, a victim fighting for his life, and neighbors now worried about their own safety.

"Way to start the new year. Terrible way to start the New Year," said Dorney.

Update: Homicide investigators now say the victim actually pulled a gun first, with the gunman actually firing his weapon. After interviewing, the shooter was released from custody, pending the investigation. Police have not released names in this case.