Man Robs Victim, Holds Another Hostage At Tulsa Motels

A suspect tries to hide from police inside a Tulsa hotel, taking a hostage in the process early Wednesday morning.

Tulsa Police Captain Wendell Franklin said the ordeal began with a robbery call at a hotel Near 32nd and Memorial around 12:30am.

Police said 24-year-old James Darnell allegedly used a Taser to take items from a female victim at that location.

She gave police a good description of Darnell's getaway car, which helped police who were canvassing the area nearby.

An officer saw the suspects' vehicle drive by and stopped it.

As officers began cuffing the three men inside, James Darnell got away and ran for the Days Inn Near I-44 and Memorial.

Police figured out Darnell went into into a room using a key card, climbed out the window and hopped onto the motel's roof.

From there, Darnell climbed into another room by way of the window. Police said he eventually forced the occupant of that room out onto the roof and held him there shortly as a hostage.

Police rescued the victim without incident, but Darnell's run wasn't quite over. He evaded police by ducking back into the first room before officers apprehended him.

Darnell will be booked into the Tulsa County Jail on a number of criminal complaints and some outstanding felony warrants.

Cpt. Franklin said the first female victim got her stolen items back. Darnell was treated for bite wounds he got from a K-9 officer.