Man Run Over on Highway 69 in Muskogee

A pedestrian is dead after being run over in the middle of the night on Sunday in Muskogee.

The incident occurred around 3 a.m., and Muskogee police say a man was struck by a vehicle that was heading northbound on Highway 69. A report states that the 46-year-old victim, identified as Faron Bruner of Muskogee, was in the middle of the inside lanes on Highway 69 northbound before getting struck.

Bruner was taken to Saint Francis Hospital and died around noon on Sunday.

The driver, Maria Ramos-Garza, of Holland, Mich., was not cited.

Police say it is unclear what the victim was doing in the road. A witness had reportedly called and alerted authorities there was a man in the road on Highway 69, but before crews arrived on scene, the man was hit by Ramos-Garza's vehicle.

There were three passengers in the vehicle that fatally wounded Bruner, but no one in that vehicle was injured.