Man Shot During Drug Deal At a South Tulsa Convenience Store

A drug deal turned into a dangerous situation Tuesday evening at a Kwick Stop convenience store at 61st and Peoria.

Tulsa Police Officer Peter Maher tells us that two males had bought what Maher calls "turkey dope," or fake narcotics, and returned to demand their money back from the dealer.

A fight ensued and the dealer reportedly produced a knife. One of the drug buyers was stabbed during the altercation.

At some point during the fight, a construction worker intervened from a nearby construction site and tried to get the three to stop fighting using verbal commands. When those attempts failed, the worker drew his gun, for which he has a concealed weapon permit, according to police.

Witnesses say that the drug buyer that had been stabbed then got into a vehicle and apparently tried to run over the construction worker twice.

The worker fired shots at the vehicle before the driver drove away to the nearby Sand Dollar Apartments where he was found by police. Sand Dollar is located at 910 East 61st Street.

"When officers made contact with him there was a little bit of confusion. He was very disoriented. He had been potentially shot three times and stabbed and also had numerous other wounds from window glass and things of that nature," said Maher.

The other buyer was interviewed by police at the scene after he ran away on foot.

The dealer is still outstanding after leaving northbound. He is described as a white male.