Man Shot Multiple Times By Okmulgee County Officers

A man suspected of evading Okmulgee County deputies was shot multiple times early Thursday morning and taken to an area hospital.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has been called in to assist the Okmulgee Count Sheriff's Office investigate the shooting. Initial information states that a deputy responded to the a residence in Morris after a woman called for help when her son became violent.

Investigators stated he rammed her vehicle with her inside during the altercation. 26-year-old Teddy Bearden allegedly refused to obey commands and struggled with him and two Creek Nation Lighthorse Police officers who arrived as backup.

Deputies stated that Bearden got inside his vehicle and rammed one of the officer's vehicles and drove toward the officers who then opened fire. Bearden took off and eventually crashed his vehicle about one half mile away.

Investigators discovered he had multiple gunshot wounds. Bearden was flown to a Tulsa hospital for treatment.

Bearden has a criminal record and spent several years in prison for assault with a dangerous weapon and unlawful possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute.

OSBI agents are collecting evidence and information. They will complete a report and deliver it to the district attorney who will determine if the shooting was justified.