Man Steals 40 Grand From OKC Jail

A man is wanted after allegedly stealing over $40,000 during the course of his work day according to a press release.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's office is searching for Thomas Caldwell, a 65-year-old employee of Telmate, a vendor that provides telephone services for inmates at the Oklahoma County Detention Center.

The Sheriff's office says that on March 3, Caldwell was going about his work removing cash from the telephone terminals at the jail. Surveillance footage then showed Caldwell leaving the jail through the rear employee entrance.

Authorities say he hasn't been seen since and now faces 6 complaints of felony embezzlement.

He is described as white, 6'0, 234 lbs. with blue eyes and gray hair. His vehicle, also missing, is a silver or gray 2012 Ford F-150 Extended Cab pickup with license plate 497-HEG.

Anyone wanting to report any leads on this case can call (405) 869-2501.