Man Sues After 22 Nose Surgeries

A former cosmetic surgery patient is suing a doctor and a Tulsa clinic following 22 nose surgeries that his lawyer said made his face appear "grotesque."

Vishal Thakkar said he now breathes through a straw and experiences pain following what was supposed to be a small cosmetic procedure in 2006 to adjust his nostrils. He said he experienced problems following the first procedure and underwent many other surgeries.

Thakkar moved to New York but traveled back to Oklahoma for additional procedures. Thakkar said of one of his stays in Tulsa, "During that 53 days time frame, he did seven surgeries on my face."

When asked why he agreed to so many procedures, Thakkar said he trusted his doctor's medical opinion.

Thakkar's lawsuit cites that in May of 2013 an expert in the field said the doctor had been negligent.

Thakkar said after one of the surgeries, staff told him the doctor had to cut a portion of his nose to remove an infection.

Thakkar relocated to Tulsa for treatment. He said he is currently not working, given his pain. He is seeking damages for medical expenses. He said he wants to prevent this from happening to anyone else. He now wears a mask when he goes out to hide his face from others.

Thakkar has had two reconstructive surgeries at a different location. He said by the time he has a normal nose, he will likely have had 30 surgeries.

Channel 8 reached out to the doctor and clinic in question. Their lawyer said he could not respond, because it involves "protected health information." He said he has requested authorization to be able to do so, but it has not yet been returned.