Man Uses Head To Batter Officer, Squad Car

Brandon Jenkins (Tulsa County Jail mug shot)

A man is booked into jail after he allegedly assaults officers and a squad car with his head.

According to arrest documents, 27-year-old Brandon Jenkins was at a midtown bar Saturday night. The owners called police after a heavily intoxicated Jenkins began yelling at customers and threatening to fight.

When officers arrived, Jenkins exchanged words with the arresting officer. He was subdued and placed in a squad car for the ride to jail.

During the trip, Jenkins smashed his head up against the squad car's glass partition. The officer opened the window, but Jenkins bashed his head on the officers shoulder.

He then began smashing the onboard computer system with his head. The officer got the car stopped and other officers came to help subdue Jenkins, but not without a final fight.

Jenkins kicked another officer in the chest three times before they used pepper spray to bring him under control, arrest documents state.

Jenkins was arrested on numerous complaints that include: public intoxication, assault on a police officer and public nuisance.