Man with AIDS Bites Medical Technician, Gets Arrested

Tulsa police arrested a man on a complaint of knowingly spreading AIDS after he reportedly bit a health care worker late Friday night, causing a deep cut and bleeding.

The police report states the suspect, Darin Bunch, 40, became abusive and uncooperative towards a medical technician at St. John's hospital.

The female technician was trying to prevent Bunch, who has AIDS, from pulling out his heart monitor. When the technician reached over the suspect to check a tube, the suspect leaned forward and bit the victim, the police report says.

When security told the suspect he may have just spread AIDS, he reportedly said that he did not care.

By request of the hospital staff, the suspect was taken out of the hospital and transported to the Tulsa County Jail on complaints of aggravated assault and battery on a health care worker and knowingly spreading AIDS.

He is being held on over $7,500 bond.