Mannford Man Booked for Reported Indecent Exposure to Minor

A 55-year-old Mannford man was arrested earlier this week on accusations that he exposed himself to a minor at a motel.

Mannford officers arrested Rameshbhai Somabhai Desai on Wednesday on felony complaints of lewd acts to a minor child and indecent exposure. The alleged incident took place at the Lake Shore Motel.

According to a report from Tulsa's Channel 8's community newspaper partner, The Mannford Eagle, back in August an officer met with a mother, who wanted to file a report about Desai exposing himself and making lewd comments to her children.

The officer added that her children didn't tell her what happened until a day later when she returned from work.

During the investigation, the mother's three minor children left their camper to go get ice from the Lake Shore Motel. While they were there, they heard a noise from a balcony above them and when they looked up, they saw Desai with his pants and underwear down, touching himself.

The daughter went on to tell police that Desai asked her if he could see her "boobies." One of the sons added that Desai then asked his sister if she would come up to the balcony with him, according to the newspaper's report.

Mannford Police Chief Lucky Miller went to the motel to speak to the children and after talking to them, went to go see Desai.

As officers spoke to Desai, his son, who is also the motel manager, told officers his father couldn't speak English well and wanted to go to the station and be his translator, reports said.

At the station, Desai asked for an attorney after officers told him of the alleged allegations against him, officers said.

While speaking to officers, Desai's son told the officers that his dad "drinks on the balcony," and "spends a lot of time out there during the evening hours," and wanted to speak to the mother of the victims so they could "fix this".

Desai was arrested. He was transported to Creek County Jail and his bond was set to $50,000.You can read more about the arrest over on the Mannford Eagle's website.