Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech Contest Winner Revealed

Aylin Reyes

An annual tradition continues in Tulsa with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Oratorical Contest.

Aylin Reyes of Central High School delivered her version of the "I Have A Dream" speech Thursday. She recited King's speech word for word and beat out dozens of other Tulsa Schools kids for the honor.

Reyes will receive a $500 cash award from ONEOK, which has sponsored the Martin Luther King Jr. oratorical competition since 1997.

Following the speech, Reyes told that she hopes Tulsa students don't lose sight of who Dr. King was and his message that lives on past the Civil Rights movement.

"I think there are some schools where Dr. King day is just another day to get off of school. So, let's bring it back. It's not just a day to get off school. It's a very important day and people don't realize it anymore," she said.

Martin Luther King, Jr. day will be observed Monday. The city's annual parade in his honor will be carried live on Tulsa's Channel 8, digital channel 8.3 as well as streamed live at