Martin Luther King Jr. Walk in Peace Held

The Martin Luther King Jr. "Walk in Peace" was held today at 5:30 p.m. beginning on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard at 7th street and ending at 13th and Boston, at a church.

The walk, featuring individuals from all walks of life, symbolized Dr. King's march on Washington, according to Otis Surratt Jr., a board member for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration Society.

The interfaith walk ended at 13th and Boston, near Boston Avenue United Methodist Church, where an interfaith service was held.

Steve Kunzweiler, chief of the criminal division for Tulsa County District Attorney's office, said that the walk is a very historic event for the community, especially in the wake of the resolution of the Good Friday murders, where two gunmen randomly set out to gun down black victims.

"What we really learned about our community is that it's character is stronger than the prejudices of individuals," Kunzweiler said.

Surratt added that the walk is intended to remember King as well as his dream.

"All of these years later, we're still coming together. We're trying to keep Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream alive," Surratt said.