Mayfest Artists Ready For Any Kind of Weather

Mayfest is open for business.

Hundreds of artists and performers will be spending time downtown this weekend, but there is some rain in the forecast.

For the artists that have been to several of these shows they don't worry about the rain just that people might not come.

"I'm worried that the crowds won't come if it gets rainy and that equates to lost sales," says Josh Trefethen.

This is Trefethen's first visit to Mayfest and he is ready for any kind of weather

"I have a huge tent here and it's weighted down on all sides. It's secured mostly for wind. It's also waterproof you have to protect your work," says Trefethen.

Many of these artists do travel from show to show to make their living so any damaged work won't help them out.

"If I lose this, the next show or the next show I wouldn't have stuff to sell," says Stephen Smith.

Smith is from Broken Arrow and this is his fourth year out here. He says it's always a successful show for him but being at these type of shows is never easy

"It's a hard way to sell art because you are basically a gallery moving around," Smith says.

Smith says he has invested in a heavy duty tent and makes sure hundreds of pounds of weights keep it in place.

"The weather is always the biggest problem you never get great weather for everyday. You are lucky if you get some good weather. You kind of prepare for anything," says Smith.

Mayfest does have four indoor galleries so if it rains you can head in there to stay dry.

This year they have also added several things to their kids zone area. You can buy art for just $5 on Saturday and Sunday. Mayfest is open Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. till 11 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. till 6 p.m.