Mayfest Final Preps

Pre-Mayfest is kind of like Christmas eve, those white tents packed with hidden treasures, and if you're lucky, you might get to peek into one or two.

"Well, it's an egg in a nest," said John Thompson.

He and his wife Debbie create beautiful clay birdhouses, which work as well on attracting birds as attracting customers, as their fifth Mayfest is a testament to.

"We have a lot of repeat business, a lot of people who have bought a birdhouse several years ago, they're coming back, they're buying more," he said.

And speaking of birds, Tai Poon has an annual westward migration.

"All the way from California," he smiled.

He's a mayfest 5-timer too, and has a loyal fan base.

"Two years ago I was here and one couple came by, of course I don't know them but they said that they been looking for me for years. 'How come you never show up here?' You know, and I was in shock," he said.

They promptly bought some of his work to make sure he keeps coming back.

"It's been good," he said.

As for a work in progress...

"Three days of work on each kite," said William Franklin.

He's the guy who paints those kites on the wall of the Hyatt.

"People who, never been in town before they'll often stop and say what is Mayfest? What's going on? And I'll tell them about the thing that we're having on the weekend," he said.

So merry Mayfest eve, fly on down for something inspiring.

"Hey, enjoy Mayfest," said one artist.