Mayor And FOP Dispute Over 2014 Wages Resolved

Tulsa's mayor has agreed to release the reigns on money that an arbitrator ruled should be going to Tulsa police officers. Mayor Bartlett has been involved in an ongoing battle over 500-thousand dollars that's due the police departments lowest paid officers. It came to a head at last night's city council meeting. Tulsa City Councilor Skip Steele says, "This council has always focused on public safety as number one and this is part of fulfilling that promise."Councilor Steele calling last nights unanimous vote by city councilors a difference of opinion with mayor. The mayor's office says he was worried the increases for some in the police department would carry over into the 2015 budget year. He went on to say the city can't afford it and in a statement says,"The union has assured us all that my fears were unfounded because that won't happen."Tulsa City Councilor Jeannie Cue says, "even at a risk to ourselves we have to honor our commitments."The Fraternal order of Police says even with today's announcement by the mayor...he is still fighting police officers and in essence is telling them up front he's going to fight them on increases promised officers in the 2015 budget. "I think its telling with the layoffs, fights between us and the major, threats of not keeping promises, more threats of layoffs and cuts nobody wants to come work here and it's sad for me because I'm proud to be a tulsa police officer. We want the best and that's not the way to do it," says Clay Ballenger, Tulsa FOP President.
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