Mayor Bartlett Calls for Jail Audit

Mayor Dewey Bartlett, a trustee of the Tulsa County Criminal Justice Authority, was a part of a 5-0 vote last week to authorize a third party audit of the Tulsa County Jail.

Bartlett said past audits have found some relatively minor discrepancies in organizational structure, among other things.

"We had a request for information about what the organizational structure of the jail is and also we requested a list of all of the employees that are being paid at the jail. And those two documents did not agree with one another," Bartlett said.

A spokesperson for the TCCJA says the audit will look at costs and address direct versus indirect costs

The jail says inmates cost approximately $64 per day. The City of Tulsa has a contact with the jail to hold city inmates for approximately $400,000 a year. The proposed new contract would cost the city $3 to $5 million per year to pay to use the jail.

A 90-day extension was announced that allows municipalities to bring inmates without charges to the County Jail.

The original plan was that starting July 1, inmates who aren't formally charged would not be accepted.