Mayor Bartlett Proposes Plan to Beef Up Technical Workforce

Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett said the technical workforce in Tulsa is lacking and he has a plan that, he hopes, will change that.

With ample opportunities for hands-on work in Tulsa's aviation manufacturing industry, the mayor says the work force to fill all of those openings is not always available. That is why he wants to target junior high and high school students, making them aware that those opportunities exist.

Bartlett says he wants to create a program providing technical education as a possible college alternative and providing it, right at the airport complex, among industry leaders.

He said students should still be provided with college options, but should also know how they can make a living, using their hands.

"We as a community -- we need to give our children, students -- we need to give them options, so they can have a career, once they graduate from high school," Bartlett said.

The mayor said the plan is still in its preliminary stages and will take collaboration and funding to get it off the ground.

When asked where the funding would come from, Bartlett said it had not been looked into, at this point.