Mayor Bartlett Responds to Accusations That He is Working Part-time on a Full-time Salary

When five city workers were fired for moonlighting on city time, it fired up the mayoral race.

Former mayor Kathy Taylor's campaign lashed out at current mayor, Dewey Bartlett, accusing him of cheating taxpayers.

Bartlett, who is President of Keener Oil, has called the accusations that he is working two jobs on the city's time, silly. He says it's dirty campaigning.

A spokesperson with the Taylor campaign said most mayors don't keep full-time jobs. While serving the city, Taylor says she she didn't. Her camp says a $105,000 salary requires a full time commitment to the citizens.

Bartlett on the other hand said he manages Keener Oil, with lunch meetings, phone conversations and great teams in both places. And he feels his experience is a benefit.

"It really does have a chilling effect upon the public's expectation of having business owners use their expertise for the betterment of our city, isn't that a great thing," said Bartlett.

This campaign is far from over. They still have four months before voters elect a new mayor in November.