Mayor Dewey Bartlett Hosts News Conference About Work Zone Safety

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Bartlett hosted a news conference today in wake of a work zone accident where a City of Tulsa employee was struck by a moving vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle struck the 29-year-old mother of five at a routine repair and fled the scene.

Chief of Police Chuck Jordan said the the suspect has not been identified, but vowed the Tulsa Police Department will do everything in its power to find him.

The driver is a white male driving a dark colored Ford F-150 truck.

"I don't know if there was alcohol involved or not, but I certainly know that's not the kind of behavior we're going to accept in our society when someone is injured... Especially at your own hand," Jordan said.

The collision happened at 9:45 Saturday night, as the water distribution crew was working on a break near 11th and Lynn Lane in Broken Arrow.

Clayton Edwards, the Water and Sewer Department Director, said it takes only one incident, like what happened over the weekend, to remind us that City of Tulsa employees often work dangerous jobs.

"She had some very serious surgery yesterday. I talked to her mother late yesterday afternoon and she indicated that the surgery went well and she was doing much, much better," Mayor Dewey Bartlett said.

Bartlett said that in 2013, 17 people were killed in Oklahoma Highway Work Zones, and 857 were injured.

"That's a 185 percent increase in fatalities... 130 percent increase in injuries... and a 170 percent increase in number of work zone accidents since 2004," Bartlett said.

The Tulsa Police Department is going to aggressively continue to work construction zones with motorcycles and traffic officers, Jordan said.

"Those speed limits are set much lower than the normal speed limit, and there's a reason for that," Jordan said. "You're driving a 4,000 pound car, and you're driving by within inches of human beings.

"The human being can't win."

The Tulsa Police are asking the suspect to please come forward and take responsibility.