Police Set Up Mobile Command to Track Serial Predator

The Tulsa Police department is opening a command station today at the Tulsa Fairgrounds to help coordinate the search for the suspect who has attacked eight women in the past month. Also today, Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett says he is pleased with the police department's investigation of a serial sexual predator.

"I think they are doing everything correctly," Bartlett said. "So far what I am pleased about is the public's involvement."

The mayor says he is speaking with the Police Chief on a daily basis and sometimes twice a day about the citywide focus on this rape suspect.The police department has opened the mobile command center to gather and to disseminate information to officers and investigators who are working the case.

"They are very aggressive these officers, they want information. So when we are able to bring all the information back and get it to our investigators that is what is going to make this a successful investigation," said Officer Jillian Roberson.

Roberson also says police have noticed a trend with the rapist that he has attacked women on Thursday, Friday, Sunday and just one Wednesday.

"So yeah, we may be on alert those times because of the pattern this individual has created and it is typically on those days," said Roberson.

The mayor said the city is willing to do what it takes to catch the rapist.

"We are already spending quite a bit of overtime on it and we will do what is necessary," Bartlett said.

Jillian Roberson says many of the investigators have simply changed their normal working hours to accommodate the rape task force schedule.