Mayor Points To Accomplishments As He Seeks Re-Election

Mayor Bartlett officially kicked off his campaign at American Bank and Trust. He's hoping he can bank on Tulsa voters that they will continue to trust his leadership for another term in office.

"Since January of 2011, we have held three consecutive police academy's recruiting 103 police officers, a fourth began in January bringing our total new recruits to 143 in less than two years."

Mayor Bartlett faces two other announced challengers. Former city councilor Bill Christiansen. He wants to address the 9-1-1 center problems and workers compensation, but it's public safety that troubles him the most.

"I don't think people feel as safe today as they did 6 years ago. I think we need specifically more police officers in the neighborhoods," says Christiansen.

The other announced candidate is Former Tulsa Mayor Kathy who appeared recently at meeting regarding crime Fairmont Terrace. In running again she says, "I believe the momentum we had four years ago has slowed -- we can do better than we have been doing. I believe my proven leadership and business background will help improve Tulsa for all of us." Kathy Taylor's official campaign kickoff is scheduled to happen tomorrow at 5pm at ONEOK Field.