Mayor Promotes Public Safety Funding Proposal

They came with a myriad of concerns, from finding a way to adequately fund parks...

"years ago Oxley Nature Center had six full time staff members, now they've got three," said Dick Sherry.

To finding a way to fund getting water in the river.

"This time around hopefully we will vote for having the dam reconstruction happen and we should have done that before," said Miriam Mills.

For the mayor, it was an opportunity to stump for his public safety proposal. An initiative to significantly boost manning levels of police and fire through an extension of a portion of Vision 2025.

"Reallocate and extend 2/10 of that one penny for the purpose of supporting public safety," said Mayor Bartlett.

A proposal received by the police union with mixed emotions, given the current strain in the relationship between the administration and the Tulsa police department.

"The recent attacks from the mayor threatening to cut police officers pay as we're out there trying to find this guy terrorizing tulsa, this rapist, and officers working round the clock for days on end and at the same time the mayor saying he needs to cut our pay and benefits," said Clay Ballenger of the Tulsa police union.

Financing tomorrow's Tulsa, with the hope that the quality of life will be such that Tulsans want to stay.

"My kids, all three of them moved out of Tulsa after growing up here and I would love to have them more interested in coming back and living in Tulsa," said Mills.