Mayor Seeks Funding for Public Safety

The mayor wants more money to fund public safety. That includes police, fire and streets.

He would like to extend a portion of the 4 to Fix the County sales tax, currently used for road repairs to go to public safety, in general.

You could see more officers on the street, more crews filling potholes and more firefighters on emergencies.

The city council has agreed to fund 2 police academies, resulting in about 60-officers hitting the streets. But this new idea, would add 70- more officers. Instead of 3 firefighters on every truck, they would increase to 4 or 5. You would also see three new work crews dedicated to street repairs.

City councilors have already agreed to let voters decide on a raise for themselves. Now, will they allow citizens to decide on this? The mayor says they should.

"I feel that something as big a deal as this is public safety, a very core service, a very basic responsibility their city has to supply citizens, I feel they will give citizens an opportunity to vote on it," said Mayor Dewey Bartlett.

If the city council agrees on this, you could see it on a ballot in November.

In November, voters will elect a new mayor, decide on a raise for city councilors and possibly consider this new measure to extend the tax money, to cover public safety.