Mayor Wants Police and Fire Funding From $800 Million Dollar Plan

Imagine a cop not answering your call for help, or a fire truck arriving too late on the scene. Public safety is where the mayor says he wants to spend part of an $800-million dollar improvement plan. He says we desperately need more police and firefighters.

On the edge of Tulsa and Broken Arrow, there is growth. The city of Tulsa wants to build a new fire station right around there, but the only problem is, there aren't enough firefighters.

Tulsa has the money to build the station. But funding cuts meant fewer fire academies and now a shortage of firefighters to man the planned facility.

The mayor would like to start continuous academies for the fire department and for the police department. Police are staffed about a hundred offers lower, than they should be.

The mayor says taking capital money used for improvements, is not the norm. But he wants the city council to consider the idea.

"Everyone wants to know their property is being protected from fire and whatever else might come out," he said.

Part of the money would also pay for continuous street repairs, to prevent major projects in the future.

The issue will be discusses with city councilors and city leaders, including fire and police chiefs. Public forums will be held over the spring and summer.

Voters will decide on the issue, in November.