Mayoral Campaign Flyers Cause Identity Theft Concern for Some Tulsans

Midtown resident, Sue Humphreys deals with cases of identity theft on a regular basis. She works in information security and compliance and says she sees misused personal information, all the time.

When asked if your identity can be stolen with the most basic information, Humphreys said, "Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, definitely. And, that again is to do with credit cards or somebody taking out a loan in that name. There are not enough background checks that do go on, anyway."

Over the weekend, the Kathy Taylor mayoral campaign sent out absentee ballot applications that would allow those who will be out of town during the election, the opportunity to vote. The issue some people had with the flyers -- Their full names and dates of birth were printed on the outside of the ads.

The Taylor campaign said, this is standard procedure.

"It's all public information. It comes directly -- in fact those were -- The information was fed directly from the Tulsa County Election Board," said Anna America, with the Taylor campaign.

Tulsa Police would not comment, specifically, on any campaign matters, but said public information is open to anyone.

Humphreys, however, says she knows the dangers, all too well. "You could then do some identity theft, such as taking out credit cards in somebody else's name. There's not too much information that you need in order to do that."

A TPD detective we spoke with, said people are more careful than ever about protecting their personal information from identity theft. He added that if information is public, it is fair game for campaign use.