Mayoral Candidates Debate

With three weeks till election day the candidates squared off over crime, roads, jobs. At this point in the game what do each of them think their opponents biggest weakness is?

"Well, I think it's the truths that when I took over as mayor she had not anticipated the recession. The recession everybody knew was coming," said Bartlett.

"Well I think its accountability in government. Whether you look at the press conference they had on crime saying that it's the victim's fault, if you lead a risky lifestyle. Rape's up 30%, I don't consider being a woman a risky lifestyle," said Taylor.

Also up for discussion, the ongoing controversy over the green waste issue.

"It's time to refund the citizens money. The program wasn't delivered as promised. It just simply wasn't," said Taylor.

"The group involved with this, they did not inform the mayor in an adequate time, and we've had a very thorough direct discussion about that," said Bartlett.

As to what will put each of them over the top on election day?

"Voters going to vote on November 12th," said Taylor.

"The public obviously, getting the voters out," said Bartlett.