Mayoral Candidates: Last Full Day Of Campaigning

The right to vote isn't something the crowd at Tulsa's Veterans Day parade takes for granted. But some Tulsans fear negative ads or voter apathy may keep people from the polls tomorrow."It's always a shame when we have so many registered voters who do not vote, it really is so we always encourage everybody to vote," says Mayor Dewey Bartlett. Mayor Bartlett is among those honoring veterans Tulsa's annual parade and also wanting their vote tomorrow. His challenger is trying to sway voters her way. "The person in the mayor's office can make a difference in the lives of Tulsans, so I encourage people to make their voice heard tomorrow," says Kathy Taylor, candidate for Mayor. The forecast calls for much colder weather. Could it be a factor tomorrow for turnout? "It might be a few people who won't show up but it might enforce the tenacity of those who might be on the fence to show by gosh I'm going to go out and vote, I don't care what the weather is like," says Bartlett. "I know there are a lot churches getting people to the polls if they don't have a way. I say bundle up and make your voice heard," adds Taylor. At the Tulsa County Election Board, provisions are made for those with disabilities who might have trouble weathering the colder temperatures and would like to vote. "It's kind of like a doorbell that is out in the parking lot that the driver can drive up to push it and it will ring inside the precinct and that will notify the precinct officials to go out and help the voter at their car," says Election Board Secretary, Patty Bryant.The polls open at 7 Tuesday morning.

Voters will head to the polls to decide who will be the next mayor of Tulsa and vote on other local issues on Tuesday. Before you head to the polls, check out these links:

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