Mayoral Race Ramps Up

They were hunkered down strategizing on a beautifully sunny day that a lot of people had off.

"We're going to work every day at 71 more days until November 12th," said mayoral candidate Kathy Taylor.

The race for city hall, fired up for the Fall.

"We're back in full force, and we've got door knockers and callers and we're good to go down here in Bartlett camp," said Bartlett campaign manager Dan Patten.

How hard hitting will the campaigns be?

"We're prepared to see an unprecedented amount of negativity and an unprecedented amount of spending," said Patten.

"We're really gonna talk about the truth, the future, and how we can bring change to the office of mayor," said Taylor.

Some of the changes she'd implement?

"I won't appoint a city manager, I'm not going to blame a past administration, I'll take responsibility and accountability," she said.

And that word, accountability, expect to be hearing more of it as Taylor says Bartlett has a lack of it.

"I don't feel like he's been transparent or accountable," she said.

"I think, you know, Dewey's been accountable for all his actions and I believe there is a great level of transparency in the Bartlett administration," said Patten.

Another topic you'll be hearing a lot of - jobs.

"We have the benefit of Dewey's track record, we've got 9,000 new jobs," said Patten.

"Saving those American Airlines jobs back in 2006, had we not put together a team to do that we would have been in a very different situation going into the recession," said Taylor.

The race for mayor, the two month sprint has now begun.

"It's definitely going to be, it'll definitely be interesting," said Taylor.

"If you like where Tulsa's gone the past three years, just keep a good thing going," said Patten.