Mayors Say Yes to Capital Improvements

Since 2005, JD Smith has been watching the problem of a lack of sidewalks in his neighborhood get worse. "There's somebody walking all the time. There are two guys right now. Oh yeah I see them."With no sidewalks pedestrians are forced into the street. We've reported on the problem before with people in wheelchairs and parents pushing strollers. These past and current mayors are pushing something important to Tulsa's...the city's 918 million dollar capital improvements projects for streets. "Repairs delayed are repairs made more expensive," says former Tulsa Mayor Rodger Randle." Improve Our Tulsa is a capital improvements initiative, formulated by local citizens and with input from across the city, and veterans like J.D. Smith who 3 weeks ago was successful in helping get a sidewalk for kids along 43rd Street and Charles Page Boulevard."And that took from 2009 until this year to get done, but they done a fantastic job," says Smith.One project down,"Oh yeah, very very happy," adds Smith But another one to go. This one he'll need help from Tulsa voters...and a "yes" on Propositions Two and Three which includes the sidewalks he's been trying to years to get on 49th Street. "Gotta have it, gotta have it," says Smith.