McLain Honors Shawn Jackson

"We the Tulsa City Council, do hereby recognize and honor Shawn Jackson." said Tulsa City Councilman Jack Henderson


Shawn Jackson hasn't found it hard to be what Charles Barkley didn't want to be, a role model. Tuesday at his alma mater he was honored with four different proclamations.

"It's humbling. It just shows appreciation from my community and what people think of me." said Jackson, "It's definitely a blessing to be highly recognized like this."

The current McLain High School students, if they didn't already know, were introduced to Shawn's dominance on the field and his play on the court.

"We called him the PPG. The PPG is the Power Point Guard." said Shea Seals, Shawn's high school basketball coach, "He was the point guard that had the savvy to run the ball club and also the strength and size of a power forward. When I saw him play at the University of Tulsa at linebacker I would tell people all the time that was my point guard at McLain. They would look at me kind of crazy because he's out there knocking heads off."

He's also about to get his college degree. Shawn realized early on that education was crucial to his success.

"Education is key and especially getting a degree from Tulsa is something that will take me a long way when I'm done playing football. So, that was real big for me."

He said growing up on the northside made him tough and he hopes that his path can be an example for other kids coming out of McLain High School.